Why Dark Chocolate is Good|Exploring about outdoor eating at restaurants in Phnom Penh

Exploring about outdoor eating at restaurants in Phnom Penh


Why Dark Chocolate is Good


Why people should have dark chocolate as much as they can

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Most people may think that eating so much chocolate is not good for their health as they can get sick or get higher sugar level in their blood; however, they are not well aware of many certain advantages of some kinds of chocolate. Eating the right kinds of chocolate may bring you many health advantages that you never expected. Below is what you can study more about three benefits of having dark chocolate.

Mood does matter

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According to psychologist, this kind chocolate is said to help improve the mood of people better. This is because it consists of some chemical substances that can help to improve the mood of human being. Therefore, by eating one or two small pieces of it every morning or afternoon, people would become more refreshing and energetic. Therefore, with the good mood, they can continue doing their works or even finish their works faster. It is good that people keep eating it whenever they feel stressful and exhausted. Moreover, it is also good for women to have some kinds of black chocolate during the time of the month. This is because it could help to deal with moodswing thingy.

This darken type of chocolate can also help to reduce cancer risk


According to many studies, it can be shown that this type of chocolate can help to reduce cancer risk such as lung, prostate, as well as skin cancer. This is because 70% of the substances inside dark chocolate consists is mainly made up of cacao which helps to reduce the speed of cancer cell to growth. Therefore, males are encouraged to consume more of it. Also, those who like smoking can start having this kind of chocolate instead of smoking. It may probably be one of the solutions to quit smoking as well.

Dark Chocolate is also brain food

According to different studies, eating dark chocolate in the early morning can really improve brain functions such as focusing, remembering, and fast information receiving. The brain can be very active whenever eating dark chocolate it is because it consists of flavonoid substances that helps increase the blood flow.